About Us

Who We Are.

Binary Innovative Technology Solutions (Pty)Ltd, was founded and established in February 2018, by Salomi Ramlall, who believed that our country, South Africa, could benefit locally from her skills and knowledge which she had gained over the years at various local and international ICT companies. With that in mind, Binary Innovative Technology Solutions was born as an improved organization, infused with her personal commitment to create jobs and grow our economy.

Binary is a Level 1 B-BBEE company with in-depth experience in Telco, Utilities, Media, Manufacturing, Retail, Financial Management, Mining and Public Sector. Our key focus areas are Agile Bespoke Development, Human Capital Management and System Integration to various existing platforms as well as the supply of Customizable Off the Shelf (COTS) systems. 

Our Team has more than 10 years of System Integration experience with skills in Application Program Interfaces (API), customization of various Customized of the Shelf Systems and Open Source Systems.

In support of the 4th Industrial Revolution 4IR, our focus is to provide innovative technologies which is spear headed by Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Automation and Artificial Intelligence. 

Our Mission.

Binary’s mission, is to enable Industries to reduce cost, increase efficiency and improve revenue, by providing innovative technology solutions.

CEO: Salomi Ramlall

A high-performing and talented executive, Salomi is a strategic thinker who executes projects in line with core business needs, resulting in a multi-faceted, innovative and results-driven approach to the management of complex business processes. Salomi is a tenacious individual with 25 years of ICT experience in various aspects of business, including programme management, system development and stakeholder management. An experienced Executive with a strong track record of effectively delivering on high-impact business development initiatives, for several local companies as well as multinational companies. These includes industries such as telco, retail, manufacturing, energy, technology, education, transport and public sector. She is focused on progressing long-term growth objectives without losing sight of the short-term priorities associated with profit and loss ownership. Salomi is passionate about developing the youth of our country as she believes that the youth is our future.

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